And ya know what, when I’m still in my ranty-rant mood I’m gonna go there.

I dun like the portrayal of the Martells in GoT.  I feel like they’ve sort of been reduced to the ~*~passionate sexay foreigner~*~ stereotype, which is sort of a shame.  I’m dreading how Arianne’s scenes are going to be handled later in the series.


So, so disappoint with tonight’s GoT episode.  Way to completely shit all over Jaime’s characterization, HBO.  Seriously.  I can’t even find the words to describe how annoyed I am about that deviation.

Also, I feel that there was not enough gratuitous nudity tonight *eyeroll*



The Good Witches

Photos inspired by a Swedish Easter tradition.

ACNL Villager Round-up

Current Villagers:  Felicity, Kyle, Cube, Muffy, Bruce, Wolfgang, Rolf, Baabara, Lopez, Dora.

Dream Villagers:  Tia, Agnes, Diana, Muffy, Freya, Tiffany, Sprinkle, Pecan, Erik, Zucker, Bruce, Genji, Kid Cat, Wolfgang.

Former Villagers:  Yuka, Graham, Kid Cat (bb come back).